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Valuable traffic management is the ideal way to increase the concentration of niche visitors. Here at Ideal Internet, we own and manage web traffic on over 10 popular free online gaming websites. Each website operates on identical traffic optimizing management scripting and each website is configured for separate niche audiences. Our goal is to direct users to the appropriate website which best matches their interests.

Identifying the core body of niche visitors is key for marketing and growth planning. Once this audience is identified, valuable traffic is identified and researched. Non-valuable traffic should be "equally traded" to another related website where it may hold more value. Value can be calculated by demographics, user productivity and advertiser value

Why gaming websites? Interactive advertising is one of the most profitable forms of advertising online. This form of advertising is best suited for internet users who are looking to be entertained online at no cost. Gaming websites present a near perfect environment for interactive advertisements and there is an abundance of internet gamers. Our "game" is actually mastering website traffic patterns.

The Ideal Internet team works around the clock here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our experienced and professional team ensures that we stay above the curve in: Internet Market, Content Management, Programming/Development, Trade Efficiency, Development Promotion, Development Management, Server Performance, Advertising, and of course Traffic Management. We are located on the Square in the heart of uptown Charlotte.

Working alongside Ideal Internet in our Charlotte offices are iSparkMedia Inc cpa advertising, Speckd Inc game development, and OnlineFun Inc community relations. Together, we manage over 15 million unique visitors to our network of websites every month.


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